I. The War on God

A. Food for the Soul

B. A Commitment to Transparency/Increase in Propaganda and Suppression of Intelligence

C. The Commitment to a Human Culture

II. Mind Control and Sovereignty

A. The Weaponization of Q, Jan 6, Domestic Terrorism, Mental Health, Divide & Conquer Tactics and Trigger Words

B. Growing Appreciation for Mind Control Technology and Tactics
C. Disinformation Watch: mRNA modified hangout, Mass Hypnosis Formation, Bizarro World, Asian Elders, QFS +
D. The Role of Psychopathy

III. Media and Propaganda

IV. Financial Debasement Creates Cultural Debasement

V. Living Model: Morphogenic Fields, Biophysics, and Consciousness

VI. Divide and Conquer & the Weaponization of People

A. Use Group Rights to Market Tyranny

B. Strategy and Tactics: The Parallel with Bolshevism

C. The Hopelessness Op; “I am not important”

VII. Deep Survival: Embracing Complexity and Uncertain

VIII. Children & Education

A. Deterioration of parental rights

B. Deterioration of School Curriculum

C. Educational Institutions Promote/Mandate Poisoning of Children

  • mRNA gene therapy, Controlled II substances, GMO foods

VIII. The Great Poisoning

A. Chemical and Biowarfare Investment: Ukraine and Global Biolabs

B. Environmental Pollution

C. Pharmaceutical

D. Geoengineering

E. Involuntary Sterility

F. Agriculture

G. Deterioration in Personal Responsibility and Habits

H. Literacy

I . Mind Control

IX. Additional Risk Issues

A. Trans-humanism & Nanotechnology

B. Immigration

C. Constitution, The Rule of Law, Free Speech and Due Process

D. The Cost of Secrecy


I. AI and Quantum Computing

A. The Cloud Rush

B. Quantum Navigation

II. Cybersecurity

A. Blockchain

B. Data Laws and Regulation

C. Cyberwarfare Infrastructure

D. Ransomware Hacking: Who’s Next?

E. Surveillance

III. Robots and Robotics

A. Enforcement Functions

B. Drones and Satellites

IV. Biotech, Genetics, and Superhumans

A. Bizzaro World: Virtual children, incubator wombs

B. Brain-machine interface

V. Environmental Applications

VI. Advanced and Invisible Weaponry

A. Disaster Capitalism/Shock Doctrine

B. Weather Warfare

B. Autonomous Weapons

VII. CERN and Particle Accelerators

VIII. Space

A. Space-Based Economy

B. China, Russia, and U.S. Space Deals

C. U.S. Space Corp and Conversion of Space to War-Fighting Domain

D. Impact of Increased U.S. Appropriations

E. Asian Space Race

F. UFOS and Abductions: Pentagon UFO Disclosure

G. Underground Base System

H. The Moon & Orbital Platform: Who Controls the High Ground?

I. Growth of Satellites and Space Junk

IX. The Future of Energy

A. Drop in Renewable Prices

B. Drop in Oil Prices

C. Fusion

D. Hydrogen Cars: Water as Fuel

E. Oil Card Warfare

F. Breakthrough Energy and Space

G. The Russia Card

H. Nuclear

I. The Climate Change Op


I. Health Freedom

A. Food and Water, Lab-Grown Food; Synthetic Meat, Secret Ingredients

B. Transhumanism and the Final Inch: The Injection Fraud, Toxins, and Chipping Skidmore Survey, dangers of mRNA technology, monkey pox and HIV fraud coming?

C. 5G and EMF Radiation

D. Quantum Biology, Sunshine, and Oxygen

E. Nano-particles and Smart Dust

F. The Great Poisoning and Human Experimentation

G. 1986 Vaccine Act, PREP Act, and Contact Tracing

H. Bar Associations, ALEC, and Other Groups

I. Litigation

J. Disaster Capitalism Targeting Agriculture: Plagues and Chemical, Biological, and Weather Warfare

K. Mandates and “Passports”
L. Ukraine and Global Biolabs


I. Take Action, Begin Anywhere, Coming Clean
II. Local Food & Water Systems
III. Local Finance: Local Currencies, Local Venture Capital, Local Traded Equities, and Crowdfunding


I. The Governance Mystery

A. Who Is Mr. Global?

B. Where Is the $21 Trillion (and Financial Coup Proceeds)?

C. What Is FASAB 56 Permitting: Private Armies? Radical Re-engineering of USA?

D. What Are Mr. Global’s Goals? How Will Going Direct Work? How Will it End?

E. Plandemic: Covert War, the End of Currency, Cut & Run, Biowarfare, a Bad Flu or All Combined?

II. 9/11, Fires, Weather Warfare, False Flags, and Disaster Capitalism

III. Antarctica

IV. Inter-dimensionality and Time Travel

V. The Exponential Growth of the Knowledge Curve

VI. Geophysical RisksVII. I’m a Pond Frog – How do I Learn to Swim in the Ocean


I. Take Action Crowdfund
II. Solari Heroes

III. Food for the Soul