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Day after Derby: Eric Reed on Rich Strike's 80-1 shocker (Part 1)
Day after Derby: Eric Reed on Rich Strike's 80-1 shocker (Part 1)
Derby the day after: Eric Reed on Rich Strike's upset at 80-1 (Part 2)
Derby the day after: Eric Reed on Rich Strike's upset at 80-1 (Part 2)
Day after Kentucky Derby: Eric Reed on Rich Strike’s 80-1 shocker (Parts 1 and 2)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – We Are Not Alone (La Panthère des Neiges) — Enjoy the music from The Velvet Queen!

Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of April 18, 2022: The Velvet Queen

Congolese nun overcomes blackouts by becoming electrician to create hydroelectric plant

Why I Built a Viking Cabin

100 Days Building a Modern Underground Hut with a Grass Roof and a Swimming Pool

Trump Driver | Gabriel Iglesias

Amazing ride! Horse detached throughout but somehow wins at Chepstow!

Oklahoma WCWS Postgame vs UCLA Semi-finals

Olivia is like a nice princess (The Moose Man in Finland)


Please stand with the World Freedom Declaration

Stop Congress’ gun control (aka civilian disarmament) scheme

Children’s Health Defense Take Action” list

A 30-Minute Summary of Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts

Clare Daly MEP Dublin on Ukraine

German parliament REJECTS proposed COVID vaccine mandate after months of debate

Canadian Police for Freedom demand criminal investigations for Covid crimes

French court pulls SpaceX’s Starlink license

University of Toronto drops vaccine mandate after being hit with human rights complaint

Public Protest:

Huge rally last night in Lahore in support of former Pakistani PM

Hong Kong: people are cutting down facial recognition towers

Cars were set alight and the Central Bank of France was hit with a fire missile as protesters took to city streets to block a security bill that prevents reporters from covering police brutality

“A protest planned by hundreds of bank depositors in central China seeking access to their frozen funds has been thwarted because the authorities have turned their health code apps red”

China bank protest stopped by health codes turning red, depositors say

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Support Great Leadership

Solari Hero of the Week Series

  • April 4: Matt Taibbi
  • April 11: Thomas E. Bearden (In Memoriam)
  • April 18: Rob Kirby
  • April 25: Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt
  • May 2: Senator Frank Niceley, Tennessee
  • May 9: Franklin Sanders
  • May 16: Trainer Eric Reed and Winning Horse Rich Strike
  • May 23: Kelly Patricia O’Meara
  • May 30: Del Matthew Bigtree
  • June 6: Polly Tommey
  • June 13: Anna Maria Louisa de’ Medici
  • June 20: Jason Bawden
  • June 27: Congressman Thomas Massie

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