Shriek-o-Meter pegs bizarre.

Bizarro world was created to control you and waste your time. Take a pass. Your mind and your time are precious. Invest in them well.

“In popular culture, “Bizarro World” has come to mean a situation or setting which is weirdly inverted or opposite to expectations.” ~ Wikipedia

We are experiencing explosive growth in Bizarro World headlines, inspired by multiple trends:

I. Transhumanism: Mr. Global is aggressively using new technology to convert the human race to technocratic resources and is prototyping aggressively.

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Godmother of Transhumanism and Synthetic Spirituality

First ‘Gapless’ Human Genome Map Is Unveiled, Years After Earlier Effort

Something Really Bad is About to Fundamentally Change Humanity – (Pt 1)

First ‘Gapless’ Human Genome Map Is Unveiled, Years After Earlier Effort

Artificial wombs: The coming era of motherless births?

II. Robotics: Integration of robotics into existing labor and taxation systems is much faster and less expensive than creating a separate system for robots and grappling with the degrees of what is human, what is cyborg and what is robot. Hence, the mind bending changes to human categories, such as sex.

Male blood donor, 66, turned away from clinic after he refused to answer a question on whether he was pregnant as part of a pre-donation questionnaire

III. Distraction: As inflation grows, wrecking havoc with low and middle income household budgets, the media “shriek-o-meter” is distracting with men having babies, teenagers having sex operations and promotions to make pedophile legal.

New Pedophile Satan Club After School Programs For 6-13 Year

‘Through Ukraine’: Can the West Use the War to Stem Its Decline and the Shift to a New Global Monetary Order?

Man who regrets transitioning to a woman at age 15 wants to raise awareness about the harm caused by the transgender movement

Chaos in the world will prevail until 2026? – Dr. A. Fursov

IV. Destroying Constitutions and the Rule of Law: Demanding rights for Satan is another ruse to pour salt water taffy into the judicial system and continue the war on human rights. Persuading people we can make the Constitutions and legal framework better by tearing them up is a popular trick.

Democracy At Threat By WHO’s Centralization of Power- Geneva Press Club Press Conference Full Video 5/29/22

New Bill Decriminalizes Infanticide Up to 28 Days After Birth · Caldron Pool

Wake Up and Smell the Burning of Our Constitution

New ‘Antilynching’ Federal Law Could Let Prosecutors Imprison You For A Crime You Never Committed

V. Civil War: Getting out of retirement obligations can be achieved with tearing a country apart. Blame things on the states that pull out. School shootings used to push for gun control and the Roe vs Wade controversy are used accordingly. 

Satanic Temple to argue abortion is ritual in legal challenges to states that put up hurdles to procedure

VI. Central Control by every means necessary: Declare equal rights for all living things, and it gets progressively easier to steal people’s land and assets. You are just saving the bees, right? 

Democracy At Threat By WHO’s Centralization of Power- Geneva Press Club Press Conference Full Video 5/29/2

VII. Mind Control: We keep telling you – you have to learn how neurological weapons work and how they are targeting you and those you love. You can not protect yourself until you develop your tool kit of deep state tactics.

Australia and New Zealand are targets of COVID psychological experimentation

VIII. Psychopathy: The games played by psychopaths with no empathy for people make many people incoherent or put them in a state of terror. Bizarro world makes people in coherent. That makes them easier to control or strip of rights and assets. Not to mention that psychopaths have practices that are unacceptable that they are attempting to legalize – such as pedophilia. Hence, sex education programs that groom children to be sex slaves funded with taxpayers money.

Ukraine war rooted in desire of US, West to rule world: Russian foreign minister | Exclusive

Metaverse: The Most Evil Business in the World (JQ)

Extreme weather and climate events likely to drive increase in gender-based violence

Lab-generated sperm created at Israeli university

The Pentagon Bio-weapons

The Top 10 Creepiest & Most Dystopian Things Pushed By The World Economic Forum

IX: Legal Inversion

FASAB 56 is a perfect example of legal inversion. The US Congress and Executive Branch agree quietly to adopt an administrative policy that they insist is superior to the Constitution and existing laws and regulation. Really? We don’t think so – but they love to pretend that inversions are real – and back them up with covert operations, shrieking media, and tsunamis of printed money to buy compliance with illegal and criminal practices.

New Bill Decriminalizes Infanticide Up to 28 Days After Birth

California Assembly Committee Passes Bill That Would Legalize Infanticide

Pfizer admits to fraud in court